The Next Step Could Be Your Best Step

Every choice is an invitation for us to move forward in life. Choosing between different paths can cause you to move into an even bigger better place in life. Sometimes we think that having to make a choice is negative but most times it is positive.

Consider this. You are offered a job in a different organization, a job that you had not even applied for; I have seen and heard of instances like this. For those who are Christians, this is the classic “Your gift will make room for you”. Sometimes people in high positions can recognize your work ethics at different areas of dealing with you in business. They see that you are a good fit for the next level on your promotional journey and that you are a good fit for their business. You are someone that is going places and they would like to assist you to that next level.

Consider if we let go of fear and make that step for a change how much easier it will be. No one knows what happens in the next minute of the day; however we survive the day without thinking about it. So we need to stop procrastinating about moving forward and begin to put one foot in front of the other.

What do you think?

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