Teachers Appreciation Week! 2016

Many individuals leave their families on a daily basis to bring knowledge to our

children from preschool to college. These individuals spend more time with our children than we do and because of that they have a profound effect on their lives. Some students can point out the one teacher that changed their life and encouraged them to do something that's different. For others it was a stream of teachers that gave them pieces to their life’s puzzle. Whichever it was, our teachers are the catalysts for change that lasts a lifetime.

My favorite teacher was not one who actually taught me in school but one that continued to support me as I grew up. Mrs. Brown was her name and she was my sister’s 1st grade teacher at Mt. D’or Elementary School in Trinidad West Indies. This teacher was so supportive of all the students that went to that school that after we graduated, we all visited her whenever we had the chance. Our relationship continued until I moved here to the United States and it is only recently after forty five years that we lost touch with each other.

I know that my story is similar to many of yours so feel free to share your story of a teacher that made an impact in your life.

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