Let's Talk Respect!

Today as I sat thinking, I wondered about us as humans. Who we truly are and what we were created to be. I look at our youth and wondered are they living up to their potential? I am privileged to be at different places in my life and what I see from different communities is like night and day.

In some communities, the youth are very much involved in productive life changing activities. However in others, there is so much disrespect and disconnect that you wonder what happened. The challenge for me is that as you drive through the places the difference between these communities is just a street, a train track, a bridge or a highway. But what truly make us as humans different? Is it the way we look and talk or is it that we are not different at all but choose to be different.

Garrett Ward Sheldon in his article "Human Nature" from the Encyclopedia of Political Thoughts, indicated that the only thing that makes us different is that we choose to be different. Some of us may believe in the Christ centered belief that we are made in God's Image and can do and be what we choose to become. Some may believe in a society where some are more superior than others. But what I believe that once we all realize that we are all equal and can accomplish more than what others say we can then and only then will we change and affect the same change in our children.

Respect fits in when we have a desire to be better and to show our children a better way to do things. I heard someone say, "How can someone teach something they don't know?" and I understand that thinking. However, when we have the desire to learn what we don't know we get the help. We either go to school, take online classes or ask someone that knows. Once we do these things we must then put it into practice and make it a part of our thinking and life. These changes can them be transferred to our children.

Tell us what you think about this topic!

Link to article: http://online.infobase.com/Auth/Index?aid=100729&itemid=WE52&articleId=166185

Citation: Sheldon, Garrett Ward. "Human Nature." Encyclopedia of Political Thought. Facts On File, 2001. American History Online. Web. 30 Apr. 2016.

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