Canstruction Competition

Our youth, participants & volounteers have been entered to do the Canstruction Competition as their outreach project. Canstruction allows them to learn great skills such as math, engineering, design, architecture, team building and leadership while helping those in need.


Canstruction Long Island Website:

Past Canstruction structures:


We need your financial or donation assistance in collecting can foods for this competition.

Can Drop-off Time & Location:
221 Broadway Suite 104 Amityville NY 11701

Monday - Thursday -  5:30-8:00pm

Wednesday 10:00am-1:00pm

Office is located in the rear of the building off of Oak Street in the parking lot area.

Canstruction Long Island Competition

Number of Can need:

112 Cans of Assorted Stop & Shop white label canned foods (Canned milk, Juices, vegetables verity)

344 Cans of Assorted Chief Boyrdee red label canned foods

382 Cans of Libby's Sausage Gravy dark brown label canned food

135 Cans of SPAM Oven Roosted Turkey  Light Brown label canned food

Gold label sardine cans,

Packets of Healthy Snacks

Oval Redenbacher Popcorn bucket