Executive Director

Elizanne Russell 

Board Members

Cynthia Henry

Christopher Williams

Samuel Russell


Not For Profit Consultant

Johnanna Dejesus

Community Liaison

Simone Wilson




Parent Action Community, Inc. welcomes individuals who would like to volunteer their expertise to assist our participants.  Please look over our program and email the fillable application form along with your resume to: pac4success@outlook.com.  Please include in your email what areas of interest you would like to volunteer.


 Also, tell us how you think your expertise can fit into our programs and your reasons for wanting to volunteer with Parent Action Community, Inc.  In addition, let us know when you are available, i.e., Weekdays, Weeknights and/or Weekends?  We thank you in advance for your willingness to help our At-Risk youth and young adults.

Become A Volunteer
Elizanne Russell - Volunteer Executive Director

                               Elizanne Russell, Executive Director of
                               Parent Action Community, Inc. holds a  
                               Bachelor’s degree in Community & Human
                               Services and is preparing to work on her
                               Master’s Degree. She works full time at
                               Farmingdale State College as an
                               administrative assistant and founded Parent
                               Action Community along with a group of parents in 2005. Since 2015, she has also been a member of 100 Women Who Care About Long Island.

Elizanne’s reasons for starting this organization stem from her personal experience, as well as the difficulties she sees young adults going through today. Having been a teen mother herself, Elizanne sees that there are still too many young women becoming pregnant and having to raise their children alone. In addition, the fact that these young women are becoming pregnant indicates that they are having unprotected sex and are therefore at high risk of contracting HIV/AIDS and other STDs. Elizanne wants to ensure that these young women have a better chance to succeed by obtaining their college degree or a skill that will help support them and their children. She also looks at the many at-risk behaviors of young adults and wants to assist them in making better choices through preventative education.

Elizanne is continually looking for ways in which to help our youth succeed in their area of interest. She believes that if we evaluate each youth individually, and home in on their areas of interest and develop their innate talent, then we can redirect their negative, risky behavior and harness their unique gifts, causing a greater change in the community.

Johanna DeJesus-Cortes - Volunteer Organizational Development Consultant.

                             Non Profit Advisor. As a Bronx native, a product
                         of the New York City public school system,
                         public housing, and a former teen mom from the
                         South Bronx, Johanna DeJesus-Cortes, has
                         more than 20 years of experience in adult
                         education, workforce and youth development. As an accomplished and inspirational leader, Mrs. DeJesus-Cortes, has a strong commitment to public service and a passion to work towards equity and social justice.

Johanna believes in the continual pursuit of new ideas and learning best practices. Her approach includes results-oriented outcomes in program design, implementation, and program development. As a result of this philosophy, in the positions she has held in both the not-profit and public sector, she has spearheaded several innovations that have enhanced organizational programs and services.

 In addition, she works as an organizational development consultant and as a leadership trainer to start-up youth serving community-based organizations in the areas of strategic planning and facilitation, board development, organization development and capacity building, budget management, fund development, program design and implementation, program outcomes, and team-building. Johanna is an Adjunct Professor at the College of New Rochelle/School of New Resources teaching Women and Men in Management, and at the Metropolitan College of NY teaching Managing Human Resources.

Mrs. DeJesus-Cortes holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from the College of New Rochelle School of New Resources, is an alumni of the National Urban Fellows’ Leadership Development Program, and a received a Master of Science in Human Services Leadership from St. Joseph’s College.